Streaming Media File Formatting

Streaming Media File Formatting

When creating MP4 files it is important to enable streaming optimization options in whatever encoding software you choose to use. By enabling streaming optimizations, you prepare the file to begin playing before the entire file has been downloaded to the viewer's computer. If playback begins only after the file has completely downloaded, you most likely have not encoded it in a way that has prepared it for streaming.

Video Preview

Instructions to enable streaming options with QuickTime.

  • In Quick time advance settings for MP4 export, in the Video tab, select the Video Format: H.264 and Data Rate: 400 Kbits/sec.
  • Select Optimize for: Streaming.
  • Select Image Size: Current and Frame Rate: Current as well.
  • Select for Key Frame Automatic.
  • In the Streaming tab, select the options Enable streaming and Optimize for server.

This means that the player on the web site doesn’t have to download the whole video to viewer’s computer before the video can start playing on their screen. 

Now you can prepare videos with streaming options enabled for your website.