Publish, Pending, Draft and Archive

There are four content status types: Published, Pending, Draft and Archive. Content can be moved from one status type to another by a site administrator as often as they like with the exception of pending.

Here's what each status means:

Published - Is for content ready to be shared with the public. Always think of published content as view by all. You can set an access level, but content set to published will be seen by all within the access level group.

Pending - All content that is entered from the front has a pending status and needs to be approved before that content can be published. It the site administrator’s responsibility to approve pending content.

Draft - Content that is not ready to be published can be saved as a draft. Draft content is only accessible by publishers and site administrators and can be worked on without it being viewed by public. When a draft document is ready it can be published by a publisher or site administrator.

Archive - When content expires it is put into the Archive folder. It is no longer available to be viewed by the public. It can be modified and reused or deleted. Content without an expiration date can also be manually archived in the dashboard.