Preferences and Contact Info

In your netAdventist Website Settings, Preferences such as timezone and language as well as Contact Information can be changed as needed.
The new training video hasn’t been created yet for this feature.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab.
  • Select the Settings tab from the horizontal menu at the top of the page.
  • Choose Preferences from the left navigation bar.
  • Select your Time Zone from the dropdown.
  • Entering the correct time zone will keep your time related content in sync with where you live.
  • Select your Language from the dropdown. This will be the language that your site is seen in by non-members. Members will see the site in whatever language they set on their profile.
  • Set your Organization Hierarchy from the dropdowns.
  • Select the Save button.
  • Choose Contact Information from the left navigation bar. The Contact Information fields should be propagated from when you registered for your site or when it was migrated. Review the information and make any corrections needed. If nothing is propagated, fill in your ministry’s contact information.
  • Select the Save button.