Photo Albums

In just minutes you can create Photo Albums on your netAdventist website to share memories of your special events.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab. If you haven't already activated Photo Album in Extensions you will need to go to Settings and activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed.
  • On the left navigation bar select Photo Albums. 
  • To add a new album select the green Add a Photo Album button.
  • Fill in your New Photo Album Title in the box that opens and select the button Add Photo Album
  • On the left side select the green button Add Photos to this Album. Please keep in mind that when creating a Photo Album, the photos can only be uploaded in the photo album extension. You cannot choose photos already in the File Library.
  • Step 1, select the Choose Files button at the top of the dialog box. Your computer browser will open to allow you to select a photo to upload. You can choose more than one file at a time to upload by pressing CTRL and choosing more images. Select the Open button. 
  • Step 2, select the Copyright checkbox. If you are not authorized to use a file or share it with the public you should not upload it to your website. 
  • Step 3, select the Start Upload button. A progress bar will show the status of your file uploads. When completed, the photos will appear. Note: If you use the simple uploader you can only choose one file at a time to upload.
  • You can enter a Photo Title and Caption for your photos. 
  • Scroll up to see Tab 2, which allows you to select Privileges. When finished, select the Save button.
  • Select Photo Albums on the left navigation bar. You can delete a photo album by selecting the X to the right of the title. You can select Edit to add or remove photos. The Move to archive and Revert to Draft buttons allow you to move the photo album to the corresponding folder. You will see in the left navigation bar under Photo Albums there are folders for Published, Pending, Drafts and Archived to organize your Photo Albums accordingly, especially if you have Publishers who contribute content to your website. 
  • Photo Albums can be displayed on your website by adding them to the Main Menu, to a Content Page using the Link Chooser, or to a Photo Album Widget. See the Main Menu, Content Pages, or Widgets training videos for further instructions if needed. A Slideshow is another option for sharing photos on your website. See the Slideshows training video for further instructions if needed. In this example, we have linked a Photo Album to a main menu item. Select the View Site button and the menú item to see the Photo Album that was created. Select the View Slideshow to enlarge the photos. Scroll down to advance forward or backward with the arrows or to change the Delay in seconds (below the arrows).