netAdventist has the ability to embed media from other websites using iFraming. From within the editor you can insert HTML scripts to embed information and graphics from another website with the embed code provided.

The new training video hasn't been created yet for this feature.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab and the homepage editor.
  • Select Edit on the page where you want to embed. In this example, we will edit the Home page. Place your cursor where you would like the iFraming to go.
  • There are two choices: you can select the Insert/Edit Media tool or select the HTML tool (see the directions on the next step). First, we will select the Insert/Edit Media tool, then select Embed on the left side of the dialog box. Copy and paste the embed code for your media into the dialog box in the dashboard of your website. (For a Google calendar, to get the code, select Calendar from the Google apps in the upper right, select the Settings menu icon in the top right corner of the Google calendar page. Then select Settings from the dropdown menu. Scroll down on the left sidebar and select a calendar from below Settings for my calendars and select your calendar. Select Integrate calendar from the left navigation bar. Copy and paste the embed code into the dialog box in the dashboard of your website.) To set the size you want your media to appear, select General. Then enter your dimensions: 800 x 600 or 500 x 375 work well for standard themes. Select Save on the dialog box. Then select the green Save button on the page. To see what your iFrame looks like select View Site on the upper right.
  • Another option is to enter HTML directly into your content page using the Raw HTML format. As mentioned previously, we will start in the editor on the page where we want to embed. Then select the green button Edit as raw HTML at the bottom of the Content.
  • Find a location for your iframe and type or paste your iFrame script into the location you want it to go. i.e. we will go to a YouTube video. Select Share below the video title on the right side. Then select Embed. Copy and paste the code into the editor of your netAdventist website page. It should look something like this: <iFrame src="http://yourwebaddress.com/embed?srckeycode" width="100%" height="650"></iframe> Then replace the http://yourwebaddress.com with the site you want to iframe. Switch your editor back with the green button Edit with graphical editor. Select Save.
  • To see what your iFrame looks like select View Site on the upper right.

Note: The iFrame source must match the address protocol to work. It will be http or https depending on the URL you are trying to display. One trick is to set the URL to just '//' as in '//ccharacter.com' and then it will conform to the protocol reflected in the URL.