The content posted on your Home page is what everyone sees when they first visit your website. It includes any menu choices or content your website administrators chose to make available.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in to your website and select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the
  • Site Content tab and the homepage editor.
  • Select the Edit link at the top of the page. The homepage editor opens. The content posted here will be what everyone sees when they first visit the site. Enter a greeting that best describes this site and it's purpose. It is recommended that you add simple text and manipulate it using the tools provided. Refer to the TinyMCE Editor training video for further instructions on how to use these tools if needed.
  • Below the content, set your Privileges. Since this is your homepage, it should be accessible by all, so leave “Who can view this page?” set to Anyone.
  • To change the Page Template and/or Widgets, see the Templates and/or Widgets training videos for further instructions if needed.
  • Click the Save button on the right side if you are finished making changes.
  • Select View Site in the upper right to see the homepage of your site and view changes made.