File Library

The File Library is where you store all media files as well as photos and documents. Almost any file that you upload to your netAdventist site can be found in the File Library.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab.
  • Select the File Library tab at the top of the dashboard page.
  • The default folder when selecting the File Library tab is the All files folder. The File Library is where all media used on your website is stored and where most can be uploaded. Note: The exception to the rule is that photos can only be uploaded into Photos in Albums, Photos in Directory and Slideshow Images through their through their folders under the Site Content tab. Photos can’t be moved from the File Library to Photo Albums, Directory, or to Slideshows.
  • Select the folder where you want to upload a file. For this demonstration, we’ll select Audio Files. Select Upload Audio. This is the file upload page. This upload page will be the same for all file types you upload. Choose a file in .mp3 or newer formats.
  • Step 1, Choose Files to Upload. Select the Choose Files or Browse button. A browser chooser opens. Choose the file you plan to upload and press Open. You can choose more than one file at a time to upload by pressing CTRL and choosing more files. Complete Step 2 by selecting the Copyright checkbox. If you are not authorized to use a file or share it with the public you should not upload it to your website. This authorization reminds users of proper usage guidelines and protects netAdventist from unauthorized use. Then on Step 3 select the green Start Upload button. A progress bar will show the status of your file uploads. You will be returned to the Audio file index. Note: If you use the Simple Uploader you can only choose one file at a time to upload.
  • Repeat this same process to upload Documents, Photos and Videos (.mp4 with a codec based on H.264 or newer format). Audio files, Documents, Photos and Videos can be uploaded first to the file library and then added to content pages.
  • If you would like to remove several files at once from a folder (Audio files, Documents, Photos or Videos) in the File Library, select the Bulk Actions dropdown on the upper right and select Delete. Then select the boxes in front of the files you would like to eliminate and select Apply.
  • The folder Other is where non-supported files are stored. netAdventist supported files are .mp3 audio and .mp4 videos or newer formats. Files that are uploaded in other formats will not play on netAdventist sites.
  • Select the Photos in Albums folder. Select the Manage Photo Albums button. You are taken to the Photo Albums index in Site Content. Photo Albums are addressed in the Photo Album Training Video.
  • Returning to the File Library you will see folders for Photos in Directory and Slideshow Images. They are addressed in the Directory and Slideshow Training Videos.