Calendar Events 1

The calendar feature makes it easy for you to create an online calendar of events to display on your netAdventist website.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in to your website and select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the Site Content tab. If you haven't already activated the Events in Extensions go to Settings and activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed.
  • Select Calendar from the left navigation bar. Notice that the Calendar link opens a dropdown revealing additional Calendar options and the Calendars index screen in the center. The calendar is where you place events. The Published folder is where you can add additional calendars including iCal or other ICS calendars.
  • Select Edit next to Local Events, your main default calendar/events. You can edit the title. You can also create a custom color for the border around your events. Select the dropdown arrow. Click on the color bar on the right side in the range that you want, then click within the square for the color that you want. You can choose to allow logged in website users to submit events for approval by selecting the checkbox. When done, select the Save button.
  • To add an event, click on the Calendar title. Select the green button Add Event. Enter a Title and Time. You can create an All day event or one that Repeats. Check the box that says Repeats. Fill in your preferences. Select Save. Fill in the Location. Add content using the editor. For more information on using the editor refer to the TinyMCE Editor training video. Set the access level of “Who can view this page?” at the bottom under Privileges. When you are finished, select Save.
  • You can go back and Delete or Edit an existing event by clicking on it. Select Save. If the event repeats, choose the option you prefer.
  • You can add additional calendars for different ministries, etc., with a different color than your Local Events. Follow the same instructions by selecting the button Add Calendar. In this example, we view another calendar.
  • You can display your Calendar using your Main Menu or the Events Widget. For further instructions, refer to the Main Menu or Widgets training videos. Both allow you to choose between a calendar view and a list view of event titles. You can also choose one specific calendar or All calendars. In this example, we have created the Calendar on the Main Menu with the option of All calendars view. Select Save.
  • Select View Site on the upper right. Then find the location where you placed the calendar to view the calendar you created. You can switch between Event listing and Calendar view on the upper right.

Note: If you create a template for All Calendar/Events pages with a No Containers layout, it will make your calendar the full width of your website unless you have a Main Menu in a Sidebar Container. For more information see the Templates/Layouts training video.

See the Calendar 2 training video for instructions on commenting on an event and how events can be submitted by a site member. See the iCal/ICS Calendar training video if you want further instructions on that feature.