StudyTracker is the ideal way to follow-up on interests.  It connects you to ministries and other churches to allow interests to move through the Bible Study process.  It's an Interest Tracker and an eLearning system all rolled into one.

Interest Tracking:

  • personal interactions can be easily added
  • online interactions are automatically logged
  • churches can work their own interests using the simple online interface
  • churches can receive interests from ministries with full history via email or text message
  • reports can be customized to match your specific needs
  • reports specifically for ministries and conferences.
  • bar-code scanning for quick attendance logging
  • campaign management tools
  • auto-graded T/F or multiple choice questions, with options for fill-in-the-blank and essay questions
  • lessons can be grouped into complete studies with progression
  • integrate video, audio, pictures and text into lessons
  • automatically updates interest record

StudyTracker is a free extension for netAdventist.  Just activate it in your site dashboard under Settings | Extensions.

iOS and Android app in development now.